BINH PHUOC accesses NEW ZEALAND market soon: Pomelo farmers more chance

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The good trade relationship between Vietnam and New Zealand, especially for agro-products in which Binh Phuoc is of an advantage, has opened up many opportunities for Vietnamese agro-products in general and Binh Phuoc’s agro-product export in particular to enter this market. From November 15, 2022, according to the announcement of the Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the 5th fresh fruit of Vietnam has been officially exported to New Zealand. Includes: Pomelo, Lemon, Mango, Dragon fruit and Rambutan.
Địa phương với Chương trình tăng tốc xuất khẩu nông sản
Địa phương với Chương trình tăng tốc xuất khẩu nông sản
Although the above five fruits are officially exported to New Zealand, it does not mean that one of these five fruits of Binh Phuoc can be exported immediately. It requires the government, the private economic sector, farmers and related parties must carefully prepare necessary and sufficient conditions for export.

Binh Phuoc Department of Industry and Trade will continuously update the necessary and sufficient conditions for successful and effective export to the New Zealand market. The Department has been looking forward to receiving the attention, cooperation and technical support to build and develop this Program in Binh Phuoc province./.

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