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There were 1,774 hectares of citrus-family trees including pomelo in Binh Phuoc in 2020, of which the area for harvest was 1,433 hectares with a total production of 11,888 tons per year. Citrus-family trees in the province have been grown mainly in the southwest strip of the province including districts/town Loc Ninh, Binh Long, Hon Quan, Chon Thanh and Dong Phu. Currently, Vietnam’s fresh pomelo has been exported to at least 10 countries and is preparing the final steps to export to the United States. Fresh pomelos of Vietnam being permitted to enter the US does not mean that fresh pomelos of Binh Phuoc are immediately exported to this large-scale and potential market, because the necessary and sufficient conditions of the United States government for fresh pomelos grown in Vietnam entering the United States are too strict. However, Binh Phuoc can strive to export fresh pomelos to the United States through a Comprehensive Export Promotion Program with the participation of both the public sector and the private sector as well as foreign and domestic investors.
Binh Phuoc localities and banks with the Agricultural Product Export Acceleration Program
Binh Phuoc localities and banks with the Agricultural Product Export Acceleration Program
The Program for fresh pomelos grown in Binh Phuoc would not be completed without the very important role of farmers who can sustain pomelos from exporting to the United States. This is not simple, at least in the short term, because it will be difficult to increase productivity, selling price and profit from exporting high-standarded fresh pomelos. Such efforts in terms of productivity, selling price and profit require long term investment.

The Program is expected to accompany local pomelo growers and related parties for fast entering the market; minimize the cost of final fresh pomelo unit in the province to compete sustainably with countries exporting fresh pomelos such as Thailand, China, Taiwan,...; With not too strict requirements on the deliciousness and sweetness of fresh pomelo, Binh Phuoc thus can completely approach the US market with the characteristics of the rich land, geographical indications, Organic-oriented pomelo tree cultivation before switching to Organic, value chain, and social responsibility to Binh Phuoc farmers from exporting their produce to the US.

In the current context, a locality such as a district or town in the province that successfully develops agro-products for export often has to diversify a certain basket of agro-products to compete in the United States. The most difficult problem that could not be done before is that the local people and business community did not know clearly who were the potential importers of fresh pomelos, but today this issue is clarified before exportation.

The opening of fresh pomelo to at least 10 countries and adding the US will be the driving force for Binh Phuoc to access other new markets, and at the same time develop many product lines from the pomelo tree themselves as well as many agricultural products of the province such as cashew nuts, peppercorn, durian, jackfruit, rambutan, mangosteen, etc. In front of this opportunity, Hon Quan district is the first district in the province where one of its enterprises registered to build an organic cashew tree planting area for export according to the current US standards, such a program for local fresh pomelo will make the local people’s expectations into practice soon.

Binh Phuoc Department of Industry and Trade will continuously update the necessary and sufficient conditions of the US Government for fresh pomelos grown in Binh Phuoc entering the US, information about fresh pomelo importers in the US and Canada. These help local farmers, cooperatives, businesses and relevant localities soon accelerate the export of the local fresh pomelo industry./.

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