VIETTEL and its supporting role for key agro-products export of BINH PHUOC

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The European Union - Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) has opened up opportunities for agro-products, including Vietnamese cashews, which Binh Phuoc province has the strength to export to the EU market. However, this is a strict market that requires the full provision of product traceability and delivery time as committed, ensuring cost-effective competition. Until now, the Chinese market is just open to durian of Vietnam in general and of the province in particular before continuing with other key agro-products of the province such as peppercorn, jackfruit, pomelo, etc. Therefore, the Viettel Group’s contribution of Local Agro-Product Export Acceleration Program will create momentum for Binh Phuoc to speed up its exports again, overcome technical and commercial barriers to compete sustainably in foreign markets.
Viettel and Binh Phuoc localities with the Agricultural Product Export Acceleration Program
Viettel and Binh Phuoc localities with the Agricultural Product Export Acceleration Program
Before January 1, 2022, the role of Viettel in the export of products in general in Binh Phuoc province was weak. Viettel owns a wide delivery network to the commune level throughout the province and a modern Voso e-commerce platform that serves as a channel to promote and consume agro-products and end-user goods of the province; especially Viettel has a strategic orientation to promote the provision of supporting services for the export of Vietnamese agro-products. Although local enterprises, cooperatives and farmers still have other options to join some different delivery networks and e-commerce platforms, when facing the challenge of competing for agro- products in the international market Viettel becomes a bright spot to be able to accelerate the province’s export competitiveness sustainably in the new situation. The annual export of agro-products and end-user goods in Binh Phuoc is about 3 billion USD, mainly contributed by domestic and foreign enterprises, but using logistics, freezing and cold storage services in other Southern provinces. The export turnover of the whole province can reach 5 billion USD after the period of 2025. Binh Phuoc Department of Industry and Trade separately calculated the export turnover of cashew nut products of the province which has been declared and carried out export procedures in other provinces about 1.2 billion USD per year. This issue was submited to the Standing Board of Binh Phuoc Provincial Party Committee for handling. The board recognized and approved some solutions in June 2022. This huge amount is therefore not included in the province’s overall export turnover, so there are many opportunities for the province and local enterprises to improve their direct export capacity, compete on pricing, and increase their logistics, freezing, cold storage productivity as well as jobs and income for the locality in the long term.

After January 1, 2022, the economic relationship, supporting the consumption and export of agro-products of Binh Phuoc province in particular and the whole country in general between Viettel and the export of key agro-products in Binh Phuoc such as cashew nuts, durian and many other potential fruits for export such as jackfruit and pomelo are obvious. There are many reasons as presented below. This relationship is not a new opportunity for Viettel to accelerate its participation in an effective and competitive manner, but opportunities for local enterprises, cooperatives and farmers to quickly access the export markets of agro-products in other countries, enjoy useful supporting services, and sustainably compete in price per unit of final food and agro-products. The relationship that creates opportunities to export agro-products of Binh Phuoc in particular, benefits the stakeholders involved in the export of agro-products of this province from cultivation to distribution. As forecasted from 2018, Viettel’s role becomes indispensable for enterprises, cooperatives and farmers of Binh Phuoc. Especially, when the largest market of agro-products in Binh Phuoc and Vietnam, China has entered the very high stage of requiring standards and necessary and sufficient conditions to successfully export food and agro-products to China from January 1, 2022. It is too strict, time and costly consuming for local enterprises, cooperatives and farmers to comply. This largest market has demanded such problems more difficult than the EU and the US, but it will have great potential if Binh Phuoc enterprises, cooperatives and farmers quickly adapt and comply. With Viettel’s companion, not only the opportunity to export to China will be great again, but the EU, the US, Japanese markets, etc. will also be wider.
The main notes at the international level to solve the problems of exporting Binh Phuoc agro-products today that local enterprises, cooperatives and farmers are expecting from Viettel as below:
1. To export quickly, it must be firmly established in the domestic market of Vietnam in the short term. The domestic market is also a great potential in the eyes of foreign traders and exporting countries which is a backbone Viettel can promote the Viettel Post network to the commune level in supporting local enterprises, cooperatives and farmers in order to perfect their products, promote and compete effectively right on the Voso e-commerce. At least immediately serve 200 existing export product lines of the province that have confirmed product standards, respectively at least 500 enterprises and 2000 specific products. This indirectly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the Voso e-commerce for following objectives.
2. Viettel’s human resource and technology of digital transformation can be quickly applied to the entire planting regions of ​​nearly 200,000 hectares in Binh Phuoc, which is and will be registered for planting region codes for China export and many other countries. This needs to be implemented very soon because this is a necessary condition for exporting agro-products in the current new situation. In the immediate future, the province will immediately apply over 10,000 hectares of cashew-planting region and 5,000 hectares of durian- planting region, before expanding the area for planting and other export crops. This indirectly strengthens Viettel’s development cooperation capacity with localities, supporting the export of agro-products right from the root of current and long-term problems of export.
3. Strengthening the capacity and functionality of Viettel Post’s network in Binh Phuoc in association with becoming a logistics, freezing and cold storage subcenter for Viettel’s logistics, freezing and cold storage centers at the Southern Region level. This is a special requirement of agro-products for export, which requires logistics, freezing, and cold storage subcenters to meet the requirements of preserving the quality of fresh agro-products right after harvesting but cannot be concentrated at regional centers located outside Binh Phuoc province. In the immediate future, Viettel Post in Binh Phuoc can immediately coordinate activities of designing packages, finishing and packaging the product ready for export; the focal points of providing logistics services, freezing and cold storage at district level; towards the opportunity to develop bonded warehouses for export in the province to serve about 500,000 tons of food and agro-products along with about 1 million tons of agricultural raw materials such as raw cashew nuts imported to Binh Phuoc for processing.
4. With about 1.2–1.5 billion USD per year of Binh Phuoc that has gone out of the province to declare and carry out export procedures, it will not be easy to return to this province and will entail a corresponding amount of imports carried out outside the province. Therefore, Viettel together with localities, enterprises, cooperatives and farmers of Binh Phuoc have the potential to effectively solve this need from basic and synchronous steps right now.
5. The above content is not only an opportunity for Viettel, the local Viettel Post network, but also an opportunity for large telecommunications corporations such as Vietnam Post, VNPT, FPT, etc. However, Viettel has become the first corporation to propose to Binh Phuoc Provincial People’s Committee on July 31, 2020 according to Official Letter No. 2247/VIP-CLKD on proposing the implementation of a set of overall solutions to promote export and develop agricultural market of Binh Phuoc province; at the same time, continued to propose to the Provincial Party Committee, Binh Phuoc Provincial People’s Committee, Bu Gia Map, Bu Dang and Hon Quan districts on related issues on July 3, 2021 according to Official Letter No. 2023/VIP-CLKD on proposing to coordinate in promoting export and developing the clean agro-product market of Binh Phuoc province. Whereby:
Viettel Post coordinated with its units to develop and provide many solutions and applications for customers and locals such as: E-safe traceability application; Voso e-commerce platform; Viettelpay e-wallet,… Viettel Post is also a strategic partner of leading shipping lines and international delivery companies. With the goal of supporting farmers, cooperatives and enterprises in producing, processing and exporting key agro-products of Binh Phuoc province to major markets such as the EU, the US, North America, Japan,... Viettel Post proposed the province a set of overall solutions to serve the consumption and export of Binh Phuoc’s agro-products in domestic and foreign markets through the application of E-safe traceability; Voso e-commerce platform; Forwarding service. Firstly, the application will be successfully implemented in the province’s cashew industry and then expand to other key agro-products. To date, the proposed program is being slowed down for several reasons such as the time of social distancing during the prolonged period of the Covid-19 epidemic.
Binh Phuoc Department of Industry and Trade will continuously complete these contents, clarify opportunities, conditions and solutions to successfully implement the goals of the industry and the province from the perspective of VIETTEL and its supporting role for key agro-products export of BINH PHUOC province./.

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